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[tm_box_icon style=»4″ type=»simple_line» icon_simple_line=»icon-movie-camera» heading=»Film & TV fixers» text=»Looking for a High-end fixer service in Panama for your TV Production? You are at the right place!. We provide a 5 stars service for international productions willing to use Panama as their main stage. With beautiful and amazing locations such as: Clear water beaches, remote but accessible islands, mountains, skylines, diverse, multi-cultural and colorful city (we don’t want to brag…yes, we do!) Panama is a perfect film destination. Wondering about all the paperwork? Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. Let’s communicate»]
[tm_box_icon style=»4″ type=»simple_line» icon_simple_line=»icon-megaphone-2″ heading=»Communication advisors» text=»We know it might sound old, but there are things that will never change: Communication is the base to success in every kind of relationship. And yes! Your brand should have a very close and healthy relationship with your target (clients & potential clients), in order to succeed, but how do you accomplish that? You got it! We develop specific, clear and smart communication strategies for our clients, because we know every brand communicates differently. Let’s talk (link) and work together those strategies that will position your brand in your target’s top of mind.» link=»|||»]
[tm_box_icon style=»4″ type=»simple_line» icon_simple_line=»icon-old-tv-1″ heading=»Content & Event producers» text=»Thanks to our 15 years of expertise in communication we have successfully developed communication platforms in different social media channels with amazing results for the brands that have chosen to advertise with us. From a Podcast with more than 500k reproductions on Spotify, to an entertainment focused Instagram account with more than 2 million impressions per week, a women’s community with more than 5k subscribed members, events and more, we can say with all confidence that we have managed the organic content creation game. Sorry not sorry, but we know how to provide great sales results on social media without saying that we are selling. Entertaining an audience while you sell is an art, that’s why we are consider by our clients “Sales artists”. Let’s talk and let’s start creating for you.» link=»|||»]
[tm_box_icon style=»4″ type=»simple_line» icon_simple_line=»icon-tablets» heading=»Voiceover talents» text=»Everything communicates: the colors of your brand, the clothes that you wear and even the tone of voice you use. Remember, sometimes is not “what you say, is how you say it”. Our CEO, Stefanie Nieto, has represented worldwide with her voice more than 500 brands.» link=»|||»]
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